Sakura Samurai by Prestige Gourmet Shop, is a spices compounds that means “The Science of Life” and represents an ancient and the most natural medical Oriental system for healthy life style principles..

This natural medicine is known as the mother of medicine as it’s principles and studies were the base for the all the development of Occidental Medicine.

Our health problems are more than mere unpleasant symptoms that can detrimental to our life. This health philosophy defends that each and every single health problem we may have is developed long before it’s manifestation. Due to the delayed nature of our symptoms, small health imbalances tend to increase with time without us noticing it.

This spice compounds contain substances that prevent those imbalances and are likely to improve our life quality.

This concept was born in the idea of a Samurai. Much like a Samurai if we want to achieve our goals, first we have to discipline our body, soul and mind.

Sakura Samurai Premium Spices supplies us with the nutrients needed for a healthier life and help us achieve the discipline and focus needed to add the balanced diet and exercise routine that embody a healthy life.

Our Premium Spices

Plans of use

We have drawn up some usage plans to help you choose the one that best fits your goals!

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