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This spice compound contains substances important to reduce anxiety and control stress. The constant growing errands added to the consumption of never ending new information and the constant day to day grind increase anxiety in the long term. Anxiety in excess is detrimental to health and can become a disturb that compromises life quality and creates instability in relationships. This product, in addition to taking care of our body's hidration needs, relax our nervous system reducing anxiety symptoms creating a well being sensation.

Due to it's slightly sweetened scent, this blend is the ideal match for someone under stress. The fresh and invigorating blend will be truly love by those who like herbs spices.

Ingridients: whole cardamom, pieces cinnamon, licorice root, pieces of ginger, anise and orange peel. It contains licorice root - in the case of high blood pressure problems this product should be avoided.

Quantity: 100grs (100grs = 33 doses)

Serving size: 1 serving = 3grs

Method of Preparation: Add 3 grams of each compound to 1.5L of hot water. Always prepare with boiling water and allow to infuse for 5-10 minutes to obtain a safe drink.
If you want to enjoy the cold, perform the previous steps and add two to three ice cubes.

Plans of use:

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